Tom Dai

Copy Link in Markdown

Literally, copy a link in Markdown format

Copy Link in Markdown in Safari's action menu

Copy Link in Markdown is a tool that simplifies the process of copying links from a browser and formatting them in Markdown. As a frequent Markdown user, I created this app to save time and improve efficiency when collecting and organizing links.

If you’ve ever had to format a link in Markdown manually, you know how tedious it can be. For example, consider the following link:

To turn this into a Markdown link with a title, you need to copy-paste the link and then either type out the title or copy-paste it as well. The final result might look something like this:

[Example Website](

This process can be time-consuming, especially if you’re dealing with multiple links. That’s where Copy Link in Markdown comes in.

The app installs a Safari extension on both macOS and iOS and offers a convenient keyboard shortcut for quickly copying links in the correct Markdown format. Simply press ⌘ command ⌥ option L. The app also includes a menu bar icon on macOS and an action menu item on iOS that one can tap to initiate the copy action.

Design details

In designing Copy Link in Markdown, I focused on creating a user-friendly experience that takes advantage of the system’s affordances, such as the Safari Web Extensions APIs and keyboard shortcuts.

Copy Link in Markdown on macOS
Copy Link in Markdown on macOS

To make it easy for people to see whether the extension is enabled, the app has a guide window with helpful information and a button that opens the extension’s settings page in Safari. It also includes a visual indicator – a red dot for off and a green dot for on – to draw attention to the message below it when the extension being disabled might be the cause of any confusion.

The guide window also includes a demonstrative image to give users a sense of what the extension looks like when it is active. In addition, the app shows a photo of a keyboard with the key combination for the keyboard shortcut highlighted. It helps users quickly and easily find the correct keys to press, ensuring they can take advantage of the shortcut with minimal effort.