A photo of Tom Dai.
Hi, I’m Tom Dai.
I design
​ ​
user experience
I believe design is not just how it looks and feels – it’s what it does and how it works. As a designer and builder, I strive to create interfaces that enable people to achieve their goals with efficiency, without effort. After all, “people aren’t trying to use computers – they’re trying to get their jobs done” (Apple Computer, Inc., 1987).
Founding Designer at daydream
Cupertino, CA

Blockless Developer Platform

The developer experience of decentralized cloud computing services.

Color Peeker

An unobtrusive real-time color picker. Always there when you need it.

One Queue

Let friends play music without handing over your device.

Blockless Run

A desktop app for network node operators to manage their nodes.

Keysight Measurement Analytics

A data analytics experience enabled by comprehensive user research and a human-centered design process.


A multi-lingual lookup tool with a focus on speed and learning.

Pronunciation Coach

Learn and practice saying words in any language.


Localize your software for a global audience with AI.