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Hi, I’m Tom Dai.
I design
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user experience
I believe design is not just how it looks and feels – it’s what it does and how it works. As a designer and builder, I strive to create interfaces that enable people to achieve their goals with efficiency, without effort. After all, “people aren’t trying to use computers – they’re trying to get their jobs done” (Apple Computer, Inc., 1987).
Cupertino, CA
Seeking Full-time Opportunities

UX Design for Keysight

As part of my HCI Master’s, our student team partnered with Keysight Technologies, a manufacturer of electronics test and measurement equipment and software, for our Capstone Project.

PathWave Measurement Analytics

A data analytics experience enabled by comprehensive user research and a human-centered design process.

UX Design at Blockless

During my internship at Blockless, a startup in decentralized cloud computing, I crafted intuitive interfaces for a diverse user base, enhancing accessibility and ease of use across the platform.

Developer Dashboard

A dashboard redesign for enhanced UX, integrating new features and establishing a consistent design system.

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Blockless Run

A desktop app designed for network node operators, from individual crypto enthusiasts to large-scale mining farms.

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Developer Documentation

A core principle-guided documentation site. “When they’re looking for documentation, they’re really looking for help.”

Developer Tools
Blockless Network
Blockless Network implements the Blockless Protocol and is a platform designed to launch, integrate, and secure specialized trustless networks. These networks, in turn, support the operation of Network Neutral Applications (nnApps).
At the heart of each specialized trustless network, and by extension, each Network Neutral Application (nnApp) is what we term as a “function”. Within the framework of the Blockless Network, every function encompasses three foundational elements:
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Get started and deploy your first Network Neutral Application on Blockless.
Blockless Functions
Quick Start
Discover the key technologies supporting Network Neutral Applications.
Core Concepts

Hobby Projects

I tinker with new ideas and technologies in my free time. I naturally gravitate towards projects related to productivity, developing tools, social networking, and breaking down language barriers.


A supercharged multi-lingual dictionary with a focus on speedy lookup and learning.

Coming soon

Pronunciation Coach

An app that helps you speak like a native.

Coming soon

Color Peeker

An unobtrusive real-time color picker.


One Queue

A collaborative music experience for friends and gatherings.

Coming soon


An app that helps you localizes software for a global audience.

Coming soon


An experiment with location and generative conversations.

Coming soon

Copy Link in Markdown

An app that lets you copy the link of a webpage in Markdown format with one tap.

Coming soon