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    Color Peeker

    Developer ToolColor Meter

    Color Peeker is a realtime digital color meter that sits quietly in your menu bar. It shows the hex code of the color under your mouse pointer.

    A thumbnail image of Copy Link in Markdown

    Copy Link in Markdown

    Browser ExtensionMarkdown

    The app provides a Safari Extension that lets you copy the link of the webpage you're on in Markdown format simply with a click.

    A thumbnail image of Lingo
    Write-up coming soon


    Lookup ToolEducationMultilingual

    Lingo is an app that allows you to look up words and phrases in multiple languages, for definitions, images, your personal notes and various online sources.



    Social NetworkingDesign System

    Yellow is an experiment on adapting a mobile social media app to the desktop. What if a social media app was designed for the desktop from the ground up?

    DJ Together


    Imagine your phone is connected to your car through CarPlay, and your friends in the car don't love the songs you're playing. Launch the app before you go and let your buddies join you in co-editing the playlist.



    Days is a simple, beautiful, and cross-platform app for tracking the important days in your life.



    Track every single one of your transactions, automagically.



    To-do lists and calendar. Seamlessly integrated, like they should be.



    The folders and files analogy has served its purpose. It's time for a new way to organize your digital storage.


    ProductivityUtilitiesArtificial Intelligence

    Let artificial intelligence inspire you instead of doing your work.